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Hong Kong has long been Asia’s financial leader with open and economical offshore company formation. The financial and corporate climate of Hong Kong is flexible and there are numerous opportunities to take full advantage of the fair and open rules and regulations. Foreign investors have an unparalleled opportunity to quickly and easily start their own company or acquire an existing company and run it successfully. With 16 years of experience in offshore company incorporation, we have developed a comprehensive menu of services have a multifaceted approach to make creating a business in Hong Kong simple.

Anonymity and confidentiality – Under Hong Kong laws and regulations, no banks will submit or mention your financial information to anyone without your written consent. As long as your company is operating legally, paying taxes and not committing fraud, your records cannot be released to the government. Another benefit of incorporating in Hong Kong is the ability to have anonymous shareholders, keeping investors away from prying eyes. All of this and more makes Hong Kong the ideal place for business.

Currency Exchange – Hong Kong does not have any form of currency exchange control. This means that you can receive money in one form of currency and easily change it to another without extensive paperwork or regulation. You need not pay taxes on these transactions, not even withholding taxes, making it easy to initially fund your business. For an offshore company formation, this situation is ideal during the all stages of company creation.

Offshore trading address – Having a local Hong Kong address is an essential key of opening your new business. We can help you obtain a physical or virtual address for use in paperwork, accounting and taxes.

The English system – Despite its classification as an SAR, Hong Kong still governs by English Law. This means that our legal system is completely separate and independent of China. Your offshore company formation will take place under one of the most fair and sensible legal systems in the world.

Market leader – Hong Kong is a reputable market leader in the business and financial world. Your business benefits from the exponential financial growth and professional connections of Hong Kong market.



More than just a provider of offshore company incorporation assistance, we are a consultancy firm and offer assistance for every step in establishing your company. We help you to understand and master various regulations and make the most of every opportunity. We are always there to help you with our 16 years of expertise. If you are unsure about where to begin, our complimentary initial consultation will help you get started. The task of completing forms, filing paperwork and speaking with officials is carried out meticulously and we ensure that our detailed and consistent work will help with every phase of getting you started. Opening a business in Hong Kong might be a complex procedure for you, but this is our area of expertise and we know the rules of the game.

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