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Company Formation in Hong Kong

Setting Up a New Business Has Never Been Easier

As the global economy demands your business to be international, there is no better place to start it than Hong Kong. Recent amendments in local laws along with easy incorporation and favorable taxes only mean that H.K. is a fertile ground for your business to flourish in Asia.
At CORE, we specialize in making you get all the necessary assistance you need to start correctly and avoid any sort of issue later on. We have long-standing relationships with the leading financial institutions and lending firms to give you proper support right from the beginning.

Starting a business is easy in Hong Kong

Our consultancy services deliver excellent assistance regarding company incorporation in Hong Kong. We are adept and experienced in dealing with local rules and requirements of incorporation, accounting and auditing, and banking management. As you need a Company Secretary of Hong Kong origin, you can lean on our services to take care of this matter. Our tailored package is perfect in resolving all kinds of queries to help you throughout the process.

Lower tax rate is a way to make your business more rewarding

As you incorporate your business, you will have to pay just a minimal income tax for the amount you have earned outside the territory. Our team of specialists will help you with all the forms and paperwork required to settle your back taxes and begin filing in H.K. Most owners of Hong Kong companies find that incorporating their businesses here allows them to pay much lower tax rates than the amount they have to pay if they invest in other countries.

Minimize your business costs

Many rules related to the expenses of H.K. businesses are a lot different as compared to other nations. As a new player in Hong Kong’s economy, we are committed to help you with local regulations and will help you stay updated with any new guidelines that may affect your business. Not only this will help you stabilize your business, but it also opens a world of opportunities for growth.
Filing laws in H.K. differ vastly from most countries and are more lenient. As a trusted consultancy firm in Hong Kong company formation, we are here to walk you through the rules and make sure you pay the least possible amount legally.

The leading banks at your service

Opening a Hong Kong shelf company can be stressful, but we are dedicated in making this process trouble-free for you. With our substantial network, you can count on us to help you secure the best in premier banking services in town. All it takes is one visit to the bank and we will take care of the rest. Our solid connections to local financial institutions will make sure that will get the best-in-class treatment possible.
As the leading country in terms of economic freedom, Hong Kong is truly the best avenue to set up a new business—and HKCORE is here to make everything easier just for you. Our firm has been assisting investors like you for over 16 years, and we have yet to face a situation we cannot take on.
Many global companies incorporate in Hong Kong for a reason. H.K. is made for international business and CORE is here to help.
Contact us today for inquiries about our company registration services and we will be more than glad to be of service.
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