HK Company Registration

Start Your Business with HK Core

Hong Kong is a prime location to start a business, with its financial hubs, tax exemptions for foreign investors, and import and export opportunities. Establishing a business in Hong Kong, however, involves different processes that you can’t always handle alone. This is where we step in to help.

HK Core is a full-service agency dedicated to helping investors find a stable footing for their businesses in Hong Kong. Offering a range of industry solutions and corporate business services, we eliminate the stress of opening a business in Hong Kong, China, and the BVI. From formation to company registration, our team has your needs covered.

Your Guide in Every Step of Incorporation

Starting a business is easier with HK Core. With over 16 years of service, we will guide you through every step of the company formation and registration process. Our experienced staff will handle all the local rules and requirements in HK company registration for your convenience. We’ll set up your application and submit the necessary documents to the local registry, so you can start your business as soon as possible.

No Presence Required

With HK Core, there’s no need to come to Hong Kong to process your registration. You can send important documents through email or courier delivery for immediate processing. We’ll also act as your reference for filing government requirements and other documents to Hong Kong’s company registry.

Fast and Efficient Process

What sets us apart from other company formation agencies is our fast and efficient process. With HK Core, you can register in just one day — no need to wait for days or weeks to get Hong Kong company registry for your business. We work with great efficiency to file all paperwork and help you get started with your business right on schedule.

HK Core is your one-stop resource partner. Contact us to get more information about our services and find out the different ways we can help your business.

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