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Auditing & Accounting Services


Annual Auditing & Financial Statement Preparation

According to the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, the annual financial statements of a limited company should be audited by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) for the submission in an annual meeting for shareholders’ perusal, and also the yearly tax assessment required by the Inland Revenue department. CORE provides statutory annual auditing arrangement with preparation of audited financial statements

Our certified and licensed CPA is experienced in handling different business audits. No matter what the industry, our accountant will support in preparing the statutory audited financial statements including balance sheets, income statements and cash–flow statements for submission, with full and complete knowledge and discretion.


Stock Auditing for Annual Financial Statements
Part of our audit arrangement services is to carry out the stock movements checking in the intervening period, and to ensure the year–end stock balance for auditing use. For companies having their manual accounting records already, they still need computerised accounting ledgers and reports for statutory audit and submission of Tax Returns. We provide a full set of computerised general ledger, trail balance and other financial statements for our clients, or we can help to set up and implement our clients’ own computerised systems.

Company Valuation & Due Diligent Audit Arrangement
We can also help our clients to arrange non–statutory auditing accountancy services on target business such as company valuation and due diligent review, as an assessment of the business by investigating and identifying any of the company’s problems and under–performing assets.

Internal Auditing & Operational Review
Extensive internal auditing is very important in today’s business environment, as an efficient internal control can promote corporate values and minimise business risks. Our competent auditors help our client to carry out internal audit work easily on our client’s company, providing professional advice and practical solutions in solving any identified problems.



Accountancy services can be the difference between a successful company and a company in full control of its financial future. Whether our clients’ businesses are startups or long running enterprises, our diversified accounting services help our clients to meet their financial reporting requirements with timely, up-to-date accountancy standards, and manage their financial performance efficiently.

Setup & Maitenance of Appropriate Accounting Systems
We help our clients establish an advanced and dedicated accounting system, to manage the accountancy operation and file all accounting materials systematically. This is essential for finding, analysing and controlling resources. Simply present all your invoices and vouchers to us every month, and we will prepare the required accounting books and records for our clients, which record the company’s day-to-day entries. Our CPA will also help our clients to prepare professional and accurate periodic and annual financial statements including balance sheets and income statements.

Management Accountancy Services
We help our clients to develop contemporary managerial accounting system, which assists in corporate tax planning, strategic cost control, and decision making for long-term financial planning. Unlike public financial accounting data, confidential management accounting data are used within the company and require mature internal accounting system for processing.

Treasury Accountancy Services
Our treasury services are tailored to meet our clients’ specific requirements, including acting as authorised signatory on your bank accounts, handling receipts and disbursements of funds in the absence of top management, liaison with leading banks and others.


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