Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 : What are the requirements to register a Limited Liability Company in Hong Kong?

A1 : The minimum requirement is one director and one shareholder. It can be an individual person or corporation from any country. A local Hong Kong resident is not required to act as director. You will need to have a local Hong Kong resident to act as your secretary, we fulfill this requirement and 


Q2 : How long will it take to register a new Hong Kong company with my preferred company name?

A2 : It only takes one working day. We work fast so that you can have your new company as soon as possible.


Q3 : Do we need to come to Hong Kong to register a Hong Kong company?

A3 : No. We can process your request through email or courier delivery. Hong Kong laws make it incredibly easy to open a company in Hong Kong and your presence is not a necessity.


Q4 : Who can help me to open the bank account?

A4 : Our company can provide a one shop service to assist you to get the bank account opened.


Q5 : Do we need to come to Hong Kong to open the bank account?

A5 : Yes. All banks require a meeting with the company director in person in Hong Kong to open the account. We can accompany you and issue you a Letter of Credit, a necessity for opening a bank account in Hong Kong and will act as your reference.


Q6 : How long to stay in Hong Kong to open the bank account?

A6 : One day is good enough. Usually, the bank meeting with each bank is around 30 – 60 minutes. The meeting is just to ensure that the person opening the account is real and can be responsible for the account.


Q7 : Who help me to keep the company in good standing and filing all the government requirement?

A7 : Our company will act as company secretary to make sure your company complies with local legal requirements. We file all paperwork at the appropriate times and ensure that your company fulfills all legal obligations to remain in good standing.


Q8 : Can company information be obtained from the Hong Kong public registry?

A8 : The director and shareholder information of Hong Kong company can be accessed by public. If you would prefer to hide this information, please contact us for more details.


Q9 : Can Offshore company protect my company information from the public?

A9 : Yes. All companies registered offshore must keep the information private and not disclose anything to the public.

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